Explore the Process

Discover the process from a simple sheet of paper to a printed image using the screen printing technique. Click the buttons above to navigate throughout this long, though rewarding process. Screen printing is a printmaking technique in which the printmaker uses synthetic or silk mesh which supports the stencil that has either been burned onto the screen using emulsion exposed to ultraviolet light or some other ink-blocking liquid/material that can been applied to the screen. The fabric of the screen is stretched tightly across a wooden or aluminum frame, the fabric comes in several thread counts which is suitable for a variety of surfaces to be printed on.

Discover the Culture

Encounter how three artists describe in their own words their perspective on the re-emerging screen printing culture, who it is made up of and the origins. These artists also share their backgrounds with screen printing as well as how they would define the process and steps taken to go from a simple sheet of paper to an edition of prints. Navigate through the three buttons above to watch several clips of interviews taken with these artists.